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pineapple lamps

Glass Pineapple Table Lamp Brass - Opalhouse™ : Targ

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. The lighting used in a house can improve the appearance. Nowadays there are different types of lamps available on the market, which offer the possibility to customize our houses. Lamps are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and ...

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Table lamp

Amazon.com: LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Table Lamp, Study .

A table lamp is one of the most important accessories for every room in a house. A table lamp should be used to emphasize the style and ambience of a room, although its importance as workplace lighting should not be overlooked. The purchase of a table lamp is therefore an ...

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leg lamp

The Leg Lamp | A Christmas Story Hou

A leg lamp comes essentially from a Christmas story. It is considered one of the most famous and well-known props in the film. A number of replicas of this lamp have been made and many important awards and prizes have been given to fans around the world. They are available ...

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Vintage lighting

Vintage Lighting 120 year old bespoke hand made railway sleep .

Lighting is an important element in every room and shapes everything around it. The contrast between light and dark is emphasized by the rooms, which are illuminated or hidden by light. The term “vintage” refers to something simple and old, so vintage lights can be classic or antique, but are ...

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Banker’s Lamp

Realspace Traditional Bankers Lamp Brass - Office Dep

What lies on a desk says a lot about your own personality and also offers an outward interpretation of your own mind. An organized desk always reflects an organized personality. To embellish your desk, you can add various gadgets and objects. Banker’s Lamp is one such object that reflects both ...

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bedside table lamps

ZEEFO USB Table Lamp, Modern Design Bedside Table Lamps with USB .

Bedside lamps can be a great way to dim all the other lights in your bedroom and focus on reading. Choosing the right bedside lamp has a big impact on whether you have a good reading experience before bed or whether you have a headache or burning eyes. You can ...

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vanity lighting

20+ Bathroom Vanity Lighting Designs, Ideas | Design Trends .

When designing a bathroom, an important thing is the lighting of the washbasins. Often only the ceiling lighting is not sufficient for the bathroom, which is why washbasin lighting is required at these times to properly illuminate the washbasin. It is therefore important to choose the right type of lighting ...

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