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‘Summer Rosé ‘ Turkish Runner Rug – 2’6.5″ x 15’1″

Our kitchen is a disaster zone after holiday cooking prep but we’ll just close our eyes and tap our ruby red slippers 👠hoping that it looks like this kitchen in the morning. Here’s hoping right?🙏 And this rug sold but a similar one just was listed, check out the ‘Summer Rosé’ rug to scoop it up! — Rug:CANARY LANE // Meredith M. // Shop Owner // Textile & Rug Guru // Cat & Cacti enthusiast//// kitche

The kitchen, one of the busiest areas of your home, needs to be cleaned and protected for a healthy lifestyle. Protecting the hardwood floor in the kitchen is the most important part of keeping your kitchen safe. If you stand for hours, your leg will hurt and a soft background may be required to work properly. To solve all of this, you can choose a perfect mat for the floor of a good brand, known today as the kitchen carpet. Silky and stylish design also helps to refine your home decor in a great way. It is no easy task to beautify the main meeting point of your home with a stylish and durable kitchen carpet that matches both the look and the design. We have a few tips to keep in mind before you start buying. Write down and measure the areas in your kitchen that need to be carpeted. You will have a full idea of ​​what type of carpets you need from the shape and size of the areas you need, if not then do some research. If your foot and back need additional support when cooking, it is advisable to use a gel kitchen rug. Ask your mind if you are comfortable with solid or colorful furniture. Always pay attention to carpets that are tightly woven and need to focus on the longevity of the product. It is recommended to choose carpets with a non-slip back and best stain resistance.
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