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Living room decorating ideas

There can be a large number of furnishing ideas for living rooms. Discuss above all about the floor; The modern types of floors are wooden or marble floors and carpets on some parts of the floor. The curtains should also match the color and contrast of the floor and carpets. The curtains can either be normal curtains with some net and pelmet effect on the other side. There is also a trend of blinds instead of regular curtains. Most of the time, the curtains with net look beautiful when you have a nice view outside from the window.

The furniture can be rectangular sofas that extend through the living room on both sides, and pillows of different colors can be placed on it. The colors should match the theme of the living room. Decorative pieces can be found at various locations on the side tables and the center table.

Most people hang an LED or LCD screen in the living room so they can watch TV together in one place. If the map of the house is in an American kitchen form, the kitchen is near the living room and some nice seating can be placed near the kitchen counter.

Beautiful landscapes can also be hung on the walls. One side of the main wall can be full of beautifully framed pictures. There may also be many other ideas for decorating living rooms.

"Table de Salon" is a type of furniture that is used for the table. We can call it the coffee table as well as the cocktail table. It is usually used in the living room or living room. It can be big or small. The size of the table depends on the size of a sofa. Because it is in front of the sofa. We can place some decorative things, magazines and books, etc. During some parties we can place plates or drinks on it. The "Tisch de Salon" has some cupboards or drawers for storing items. A large selection of living room tables is available on the market. It has different colors, sizes or styles. The coffee table is often made of wood or metal. It can also consist of glass and other wood or metal materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. Here we present some types of "table de salon":
  • Types of "table de salon" by style: There are many types of coffee tables. It can be a traditional table with twisted legs and carving tips. It is made from rich wood. Contemporary tables are very popular these days. Glass top and metal base is a common style of it.
  • Types of tabletop materials: A variety of materials are available. Metal is the most popular material for the coffee table such as iron, steel, aluminum. Another popular material is glass. It looks great, but needs more maintenance.
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