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Paris Apartment by Guillaume Alan | Global Interiors | est living

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There are many types of bathroom fixtures that can be used in bathrooms to improve the decor. The single lever mixers: There are these single lever mixers that are simple yet very handy. These are the ones that have a spout and a handle. These are mainly used in small bathrooms. If you want to give your small bathroom a decoration, you can attach these small taps. Get the fixtures that match the walls or tiles in the bathroom. These types of taps are better suited for bathrooms or private homes where the water temperature does not need to be changed significantly. The double taps: these are the bathroom fittings with two taps for cold and warm / warm water. These taps are mostly used when the bathroom is large and a bathtub is installed for bathing. If you have a large bathroom, these taps are the best bets. Depending on the furnishings of the bathroom, these take up more space. These bathroom fixtures are primarily intended for bathrooms that have a retro look. The design of the taps: you can also choose the taps that have long necks in the sink. These bathroom fittings come in different shapes and materials. You can choose the fittings according to the bathroom equipment. They can have a shiny or rough finish, etc. The color of these fittings must also match the decor of the rest of the bathroom.
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