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Door curtains

Door curtains give your house entrance both interest and beauty and often also offer solutions for different problem solutions. The door curtain, which can easily be hung on a curtain rod, protects you from heat and drafts, and the door curtains made of thermal carrier material keep you warm on cold days. The door curtains offer privacy and a special focus on the decor. They can also be used on the front door, interior door or French windows with a full length window.

There are numerous types of curtains to help you access them. Opaque curtains filter excessive and unwanted light and protect your belongings. This type of curtain is suitable for bedrooms or other rooms where a person prefers privacy. Transparent curtains provide more light and are suitable for hanging in the kitchen as well as on the doors of the meeting rooms.

Door curtains are a solution for a full length cabinet or for cabinets that have no door and offer a view of the cabinet. This can be practically used in bathrooms and bedrooms. It is very suitable for tenants who do not change the room permanently.

Temporary curtains for doors made of cords, paper, pearls or ribbons are a great addition to the party. It adds a riddle to a guest and marks the boundaries of the party room. It is easy to hang this curtain on a curtain rod and just as easy to remove.

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